What we offer?

From a little town in Miami, Florida i learned a little bit of Mixology and further blended that experience with my Puerto Rican roots. I started small and began to sell specially made liquor bottles that arrived in a custom designed piece of glass. This year 2018 I've decided to take this idea a little further. I created three unique flavors under my new brand bottles by JM for the holidays: Mistletoe Passion, Coquito Creme, and Sex on Christmas

These unique combinations are sure to entice your pallet. Combined with a durable Grolsch Glass bottle and an Airtight Swing Top Seal these 33 ounce bottles are sure to be favored among your friends, and family.

Specially prepared

Bottes by JM feature our signature feather detail, and charm as seen in the companies logo. Respectively the logo transcends onto the bottle the blue icon represents Coquito Creme, the green icon represents Mistletoe Passion and the deep orange represents Sex on Christmas.

Holiday Liquor Bottles

JM Holiday Liquor Bottles are pre made for a quick enjoyment so you don't need to worry about a recipe, just serve and enjoy. It is recommended that you refrigerate the bottle upon arrival, shake and serve chilled as a cocktail or a chilled shooter.